Bass T-Vernunft

Bass T-Vernunft

Hamburg Deutschland

Born inside creative culture surroundings and the gift of set up playgrounds to evolve talent and personality from the beginning - the uplifting mind was ready to roll.

Talented in drums and percussion and professional education in relevant fields of expression, the journey was set in the `90s. Diving into the audiovisual culture of places like Ibiza, Thailand, India/Goa, Bali or Brazil - the vision of real trance music as an inside core of creative expression grew up and started the drive.

Back into northern europe, the musical playground was opened and ready for electronic sound performances inside hometown clubs/OA like VOOV,Universum/Rot,Übebel&Gefälhrich, Docks or Südpol,Volt ,ov.silence ,Laut & Brilliant - and many, many more.

Always exploring the sound driven journeys into body and mind.

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