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Da Voice

Dedicated to electronic music since the 90s, Da Voice isn't a stranger in Leipzigs nightlife and best known for his progressive techhouse style. In general, he serves many facets of electronic music. He tells a story with his sets, whether calm and chilly house to forward driving progressive techno.

As member of the 'Vinylschleifer Group Leipzig', he has organized several successful events in recent years, establishing the progressive ACID sound, the Vinylschleifer Group is known and loved for. As co-organizer of the new series 'plusminusnull' he found his new residency at the Distillery, which is the longest running techno venue  in Leipzig and well known all over eastern Germany. Together with Dexter Curtin & Marcus Jahn (opera revival, Evitative Records) and the 'Vinylschleifer Group LE´ he's actively taking part of this proud tradition.

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