Luke Francis

Luke Francis

Hamburg Deutschland

Luke Francis has always been fascinated by passionate music.He was born on the 17th August, 1980 and already as a teenager he was ‘rocking the decks’ in his free time and making his first experiences in producing club music.He also began to organize huge parties on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn District, which often meant he’d be spinning the records at events such as the notorious and highly secret ‘White Room’.Whilst performing at said parties, he took the chance to play music he had produced himself in order to see reactions of people on the dancefloor.His music has long been considered very energetic and very danceable.

After 2000, Luke expanded his DJ gigs throughout Europe by playing in clubs like ‘Southside’, legendary ‘Beachclub Kility’, ‘Palace’ and countless other well-known venues.In 2007, he had the idea to re-produce The Bomb (these sounds fall into my mind) by renowned act ‘The Bucketheads’.The work’s original writers were so impressed by Luke’s production that within a notably short space of time it was signed to reputable Dance label ‘Kontor Records’. The next single was “A Girl Like You” followed by some hot remixes.After an inspirational break and a journey into Deep and Techno sound, Luke is now working on his first full-length album which he hopes will express his “deep and undying, endless and infinite passion and his seriously unquenchable thirst for music, all music”.

Watch out for Luke Francis...


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