Tim Staadler

Tim Staadler

Hamburg Deutschland

Is one half of the Kalkooven & Staadler producer team.

Intelligent techno music has been produced successfully since 1990 on the Hamburg-based label "Mehr Musik Records" in its own studio. Tim Staadler is a Hamburg-based DJ, producer and label operator who has been successfully implementing high-quality music projects for more than two decades.
He is now a renowned artist in the house and techno scene.

As an event organizer, club operator and studio owner, he has gained extensive experience in both northern German and international locations. With releases on the labels Transmission Records London, Subliminal Records, Universal L.A., Capitol Records USA, Kontor Music and his own Paradox Universe, Austin powerfully reflects his own personality and passion, while at the same time performing in institutions and at festivals in Europe and Thailand.

The greatest success was certainly the club productions, which he was able to present live at the Subliminal Sessions in Ibiza in Pacha and Space. An unforgettable magical moment.


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